Orient tool spealizes in manufacturing and regrinding of solid carbide, brazed carbide,HSS and lugged carbide tools.We have capability to regrind and recoat carbide,HSS tooling.we can also apply notifications and create custom tooling on request.

Tool wear and stress is all to too common in today’s manufacturing environment and replacing these worn tools is costly. At ORIENT we offer tool reconditioning services to restore the accuracy and effectiveness of your worn tools. No matter where you purchased your tools, we can service them. Give your tooling a second life with our expert reconditioning and drill repointing services.


Orient tools regrinding service specializes in making used high performance cutting tools new again far less than the price of new tool.whether drills ,endmills,reamers.etc or even special tools,we can resharpen to it will work just like new cutter.We take care to assure we meet the original profile of the tools.


  • Accurate re-sharpening ensures as much as 90% of the original Tool life
  • Rduction in overall tooling cost.
  • A similar inventory due to quick service .
  • Performance almost as good as a new tool.


Coupled to the solid carbide cutting tool regrind service,Orient tools offers a recoating service,using its range of high performance balzers BALNIT PVD thin film coating to further improve performance of the original and reground carbide cutting tools. Orient offers variety of coating like TiN,AlCrN,TiAlN,Hardcut,portura suit specific application for various cutting tools with all kinds of geometries.


  • Increased tool life
  • Improve tool behavior
  • Lower friction coefficient
  • Increase productivity
  • Give higher machining accuracy
  • Reduces production cost