We manufacture a wide range of Brazed Carbide, Solid Carbide, Solid Carbide Lugged type Reamers and Hole Mills starting from Ø 3.0 up to Ø 25 in Solid Carbide and from Ø 8.0 onwards in Brazed Carbide. Hole Mills are designed to control / straighten the axis of the drilled hole for further reaming operations. All reamers and hole mills are manufactured by using Special Reaming grade solid Carbide for longer and more durable life. We have also developed a combination tool called Hole Mill cum Reamer which helps save cycle time and reduces inventory at customer end.

Starting from raw material various process ore done on raw material. As shown in pictures:


  • Burnishing Reamers
  • Step Reamers
  • Taper Reamers
  • Shell Reamers
  • Hole Mills
  • Chucking Reamers


  • Affordable prices
  • Long life